Death Of Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Saville

Jimmy Saville

Last 29 October 2011 was the day which cannot be forgotten by most of the DJ fans, because it is the day of Jimmy Savile died. He was a famous personality from many aspects. He was the first disk jockey and famous personality in the BBC as well as a fundraiser and social sponsor. He died just before two days of his 85th birthday.

Small biography: Jimmy Savile born on 31st October 1956 in Leeds, West Yorkshire in England. He was a British in Nationality and Roman Catholic in religion. Jimmy was a famous disk jockey, television personality, and actor, owner of dance halls as well as a social worker and charity fundraiser. He was the first and the last presenter of long running BBC music show Top of the Pops. His full name was Sir James Wilson Vincent Jimmy Savile.

Carrier life: During the Second World War Jimmy had to do the work in a coal mine as Bevin boy. He started his career in radio as playing records then he started Disk Jockey at Radio Luxemburg in 1958. Then in 1960 he was appointed with television and started the Top of the pops in 1964 as the first presenter. Then he becomes famous in the 60s, 70s, and 80s centuries for his DJs and as a presenter on television.

Fund Raising, sponsorship, and voluntary work: He was very much prominent for his voluntary work for the people. He was a volunteer at the hospital Stoke Mandeville Hospital for many years. He raised his funds for the patient having problems with the spinal cord. Savile was the president of the Physically Handicapped in the able bodied community for long 14 years. He donated money for the medical student for doing research at Leeds hospital. In every year he had donated more than $60000.

Allegations of sexual abuse: during the lifetime and after his death many thought and claim that Jimmy abused the women, young and under aged child as well as he had abused the little child also. After his death on September 2012 a documentary published named The Other Side of Jimmy Savile. Where more than ten women including a girl under the age of 14 has said that they were sexually abused by Jimmy.

Jimmy Savile was very much famous for his television programs he has presented. He has raised estimated $40 million for charity. Before his death he was admitted for pneumonia but his death is not suspicious.