Jackass Ryan Dunn Dies

Jackass Ryan Dunn Dies

On morning 20 June 2011 there was an accident in Pennsylvania of West Goshen and it brings the dead of a famous stunt man and the television personality Ryan Dunn. The Zachary Hartwell a production assistant of Jackass numbers two. Dunn was famous for his reality shows, acting and as a stunt man. He was a member of the famous club Jackass and viva La Bum crew.

Small biography: Ryan Mathew Dunn was born on 11 June 1977 in Medina, Ohio of United States. His other nick names were Random Hero, prima Dunna, plugs. From the year 1997 to 2011 he was an actor, stunt man, television personality. His home town was Brecksville Ohio. He was known for Jackass, CKY, and for the television program of jackass, proving ground, home wrecker and viva la bum.

Carrier Life: Jackass has started his carrier taking part as a stunt which makes him famous and has started to make the three films Jackass: the movie, Jackass number two and jackass 3d. He started the travelling show viva la bum through Europe and in spring 2009 a movie released called street Dreams. He also Co started filming with Rob Dydek and Paul Rodriguez. During the time of Dunn’s died he was acting in the film named Welcome to the Bates Motel.

Personal life: Dunn was in a relationship with her girlfriend Angie Cuturic since 2002. She was Co started with him in the Margeras Directorial debut film Haggard. During shooting a scene for Jackass number two he was seriously injured and makes him depressed. For this he cuts off all the contact with his friends, Co actors for long two years and didn’t participate on the film jackass 2.5 and other series. Then he again joined in the crew of jackass and acted in the movie of Jackass 3d.

He expressed in a meeting that he is feeling fresh and can enjoy more in Jackass 3d than any other movie.

Death: on 20th June 2011 Jackass Dunn along with Zarchary Hartwell had an accident in Pennsylvania with Dunn’s car Porsche 911 GT3. In a report of police it was found that alcohol was present in 0.196% in the blood of Dunn where the legal was only 0.08%. Just before one hour of the accident he posted a photo of him along with his friend that they were drinking in a bar. On 28 November 2011 MTV aired a tribute to Dunn where many of his performances as a stunt disclosed to public.