Ed Miliband as a Poker Player

Ed Milliband as a poker player

Ed Miliband is a political figure and poker is a game of card. So these two are not same but in a scene these two are very much related. In poker no one can the card of opposite player and also in politics no one can see or read the mentality of their opposite political person or the mentality of people.

ED Miliband is a politician and he doesn’t have to play poker but we can say that if he plays poker than he can win the pot without any hesitation. He is a politician of U K and pretty much famous for famed the leadership of his brother.

Little about Edward Miliband: the full name of ED Miliband is Edward Samuel Miliband. Presently the leader of opposition and the leader of labor party in United Kingdom. He was born on December 24 1969 in St Pancreas, London. His spouse name is Justin Thornton. His father’s name is Marion Kozak, and mother’s name is Ralph Miliband. He was educated at Corpus Christi College and then from London school of Economics.

The way of playing poker: poker is a game card which gives a person more mental strength and the game is played with money. One has to give money on board for playing poker. In this game no one can see the card of opposite player and being blind give more money on board. So the game is totally based on luck. The person who got the highest card on the board wins all money on board.

Ed MIliband as a poker player: politicians are also a poker player though they don’t play the game taking the card in their hand but they play the game with their votes. They just want to earn vote not money. They also play the game in the field of politics. Edward Miliband has the enough courage to play poker. That’s why he moved over Murdock. He wants to in the place of Blair and the post labor party.

Edward Miliband hopes to be the president of the United Kingdom and this is a symbol of courage and which is very much important for playing poker. Edward can be the president after the coalition party and he takes the risk of his own. So that we can say that Edward has a real personality of playing poker. So if he becomes a poker player then he can be a very good poker player.