David Cameron as a Poker Player

David Cameron

David Cameron

Poker is the card game which has to be played in the casino or in online. When any one goes to casino for playing poker then the person has to play the game with money. When any one wants to play poker in online then it’s not necessary for the person to play with money. Poker is not a game for the all card players. David Cameron is a politician so that if he goes to a casino for playing poker then it is really uncertain that what he would do.

The way of playing poker: in the poker board every player has to give money before sit on the table. Here the dealer gives two cards to every player and put five cards on the board. Players should observe the cards and make a certain suit and can raise money in the table. Most of the famous poker player has told that the poker is not only a card game but also it is for the skill player. The game poker 50% depends on luck and 100% depends on the skill.

David Cameron: David William Cameron is the prime minister of United Kingdom, First Lord of the treasury, and leader for the civil Service. His full name is David William Donald Cameron. He was born on 9 October in London, England. He won the election in 2010 and become the Prime minister of United Kingdom. Cameron becomes a politician from a very early age. He has in different election and president of different parties.

Cameron as a poker player: Cameron is a political person not a gambler. But he is a gambler in the political field. He doesn’t play game in the casino or in online but he plays some tricks in the political field to win in the election. Cameron doesn’t play with money rather he plays with other politician in mind and doing welfare of the people.

Cameron is not a genuine poker player but it is very difficult to say that if he plays poker in casino for money or for other thing then what may happen. David has got many skills in the political field which can also be applicable in the poker table also. In both politics and poker one has to read the mind of their opponents. In this sector Cameron is a winner. So that it can be said that if David Cameron plays poker than he could be a good poker player.