Poker is a game of skill according to Mark Twain and other clever people

Mark Twain

Poker is the card game which depends on the players luck and courage. But the real thing is not luck rather the good poker is depends on the skill of the player. Many clever people have said that the poker is not a game of luck but it depends on the skill of the player.

Mark Twain: Mark Twain was an American author and humor. He was a famous person and during his time there was no casino or internet to play poker. But mark twain has told that the poker is not a game of luck. He didn’t play poker in a casino. But along with other people he also thought that a player can play good poker when he or she will not depend on their luck.

Little about Mark Twain: the real name of Mark Twain is Samuel Langhorne Clemens but he is very much famous with his pen name. He was born on 30th November 1835. He is very much famous for his writing the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The book was banded in America for several times for using the word Nigger. He was a very funny speaker and recently which called the standup comedy. Mark Twain has died on 21 April 1910 at the age of 74.

Tricks of poker: in poker board one has to pay money when he or she wants to play the deal. If anyone just depends on their luck then it should not be good for the player to win the pot. When any player wants to win a lot in poker then the player has to understand the psychology of the other player. The player has to understand the card of his hand and should have to understand that in which suit it can be. If the player has good skill to understand all this then he or she could be a good poker player.

Poker is a game of skill: Mark twain didn’t play the poker but he was a fiction writer and he could understand the psychology of other people very well. As well as when any player wants to be a good player then he or she has to possess some skill in him. Not only Mark Twain but also other clever people have told that when a player wins in poker then he doesn’t depend on his luck only. The player wins with his skill.