The Dead Man’s Hand

The word dead man’s hand always sounds to create a fair in most of the mind of people. But there is nothing to fear with this or it is not any kind of superstition. The dead man’s hand is poker hand which is famous for James Butler Hickok so called wild bill. He was fired in a saloon when he holds a pair of black Ace and a pair of eights.

Dead Mans Hand

Early thoughts: before the 1920s it was known as to having some currency in hand but in 1986 the thought becomes changed and presently the thought is as the two pairs of Aces and eight. There is a big history behind the establishment of the dead hand like this. In poker board it is called the full house presently but previously the dead man’s hand was not like this. 

Establishment of a dead man’s hand in poker: on August 2, 1876 James Butler Hickok was fired in his back head when he was playing a five hand draw in poker. He holds a pair of Ace and another pair of eight in his hand but the fifth card was not given to him. So there is a big confusion about the fifth card to fulfill the full house in poker hand. But from then it is well known as the dead man’s hand in poker.

The history behind the Dead man’s Hand: full house is a very famous poker hand and when any player got it then he can win the pot easily. But the full house having a pair of black Aces and another pair of Black Eights is very well known full house. Wild Bill holds the cards in his hand during the time he was shot. But there is a big confusion about the fifth card in his hand. Some people said that it was a nine of Dies another thought that it was a Queen. So that after the death of wild bill dead man’s hand is very much famous as the poker hand.

There is no superstition: there is a lot of superstition about the story of a dead man’s hand. But in reality it is nothing but the poker hand and so called full houses. If a person believes in the superstition of a dead man’s hand and can think it in many ways like as spell, or in any other concept but when he goes through this then the person can restrain him or herself from being superstitious for a while.