A Horse, A Horse, My Burger For A Horse

Frankel - The best race horse in the World

I have been reluctant to write about this subject as I have had horse meat in France and it was OK. However, I would be very upset if I paid for beef and was served horse meat instead. Clearly ‘light touch’ regulation has not worked again! 

Newspapers, banking and now the food industry have all proved in dramatic terms that self regulation and light touch regulation does not work and is very detrimental to society. The hacking probe in the newspaper industry, Lehman’s Day in banking and now horse meat in place of beef has finally put the nail in the coffin that companies look out for the public interest because they are not prepared to have bad publicity and a bad reputation.

Once again the general public has been ripped off and not only have those in charge of the companies that did this, have got away with it, but, they also get to keep the money they have made from being so corrupt and dishonest! This then put the spotlight onto the government and what they should do to stop this?

Well the present government seem to be easy with all this and have embarked on a wholesale re-configuration of the National Health Service. Basically they are selling it off to private equity companies and they are offering very light touch on regulation to save money after spending a load of money in preparation of the sell off! The largest employer in the UK and one of the most important sector of society is going into the realm of privatised industry like the water industry with the regulation framework such as the food industry. Why do I feel that this is not going to work out well?

Because the agenda of the major party in the coalition government is under pressure to get out of the European Union, this food scandal will be turned into a anti-European thing. That may not be a bad thing as there is a democratic deficiency in the management of European affairs, however, the problem of horse meat and other mislabelled products is all about regulation and companies cutting cost on quality control. 

In response to this I have decided to give up meat for lent and become vegetarian for a while. Hopefully this will help me to clean up my system from all the dodgy stuff I have been eating for a very long, long time.