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My New Addiction is Omaha.

In my last post I was chatting about the pleasure of winning my first Omaha tournament and how it was spoilt by a group of ‘gossiping guys’. Well since then I have a couple more and got placed in the money in some Sit and Go’s – all for low stakes.

I may have won because the people I was playing against were poor themselves, however, even when I lost I left the table feeling my life had been enriched by a small percentage. In fact I would say that Texas Hold Em is boring and Omaha is king!

OK, my intention now is to really get into Omaha because the possibilities of your hold cards are numerous, I haven’t read any books or material about the maths of your opening hands in Omaha so I am going on gut instincts. So far, so good.

Texas Hold Em is a great game but it does limit you in taxing the brain that’s why several people I know gan have 8 games going at the same time. With Omaha you do have to think about your opponent more as well as well as the cards.

The only downside I can see is the amount of chatting that goes on which seems to be endless. Dont ask me why there seems to be a load of chat from the keyboard warriors but I suppose thats the price you have to pay for a game which has got my betting juices running again.
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