Is There Any Football On?

funny footballers

While the UK gently dive into Olympic fever it is hard to imagine that the second biggest football tournament is about to start. Euro 2012 is nearly on the horizon yet to say that the UK is underwhelmed by it all would be a understatement.

Usually there is a massive drive to ‘get behind the team’ and other such majestic phrases. However, this time around the nation just does not seem to care about it all. Maybe because it is being held in a not so exciting place to be? Or, the stories of lumpen Nazi’s is being a bit of a turn off for the fans. Whatever, the tournament is in such low key the casual supporter would be excused for not being on board with the countries in which it is being held (Poland and the Ukraine apparently).

In a normal tournament there would be ticket rationing, now the English Football Association are returning 2/3 of all the official tickets that were allocated for the English fans. This is unbelievable! Usually they are trying to keep unruly fans away, now these unruly fans can go onto the open market and get the tickets at a discount….

While this is going on the Olympic torch which is travelling up and down the country is getting monster crowds compounding the sorry state of the tournament and the bad publicity it is generating. 

Things may turn around and the nation will once again get gripped by the antics of ‘our boys’ once again going down to glorious defeat in the semi-finals. More women will be crying at the sight of  our soccer zillionaires rolling around the floor in total agony of not getting the bonus for winning the cup.

Thank god for the non-profit making Olympic Games which is still run is the tradition of sport for sport sake and not being sullied by fast food adverts and pointless gadgets….oh I hear the Olympic Committee are now suing small shop owners for using the 5 circles symbol to help sell there shop items….Ah well.