Grumps In Las Vegas

Great news a PokerKnave supporter is going out to Las Vegas to hand over sheds loads of money in an attempt to make his pension fund a little better. He has therefore agreed to do something worthwhile in between handing over his cash and report back on the shenanigans at the WSOP 2012. His name is Grumps and he is a legend!

He is called Grumps because he moans like a howling wind through a cracked window frame. A former ‘soul boy’ he has developed into Alf Garnett’s long lost love child. He hates anything modern and that includes the internet. This should be interesting since his post will be made via the internet. 

His long suffering wife and kids will hopefully skip away and go and do something interesting and fun while Grumps continue to castigate the world for being ‘modern’. So it will be with great interest and a little trepidation to see what Grumps has done in Las Vegas