David Cameron Is A Big Loser

David Cameron

David Cameron is beginning to look like a serious loser! He lost the 2010 election when he could not get an overall majority against a Labour party ran by a dour Scot who just called a pensioner a bigot. His Chancellor of the Exchequer is then booed by disabled athletes during the Para-Olympics 2012 marking him down as a man who not only cannot run the country well but is hated by the weakest in society.

Then come the ultimate loss of face when after he just got rid of Colonel Ghaddafi he is the first Prime Minister since Chamberlain to lose a vote about war. By calling and then losing a vote giving Cameron the right to make military decision , as predicted by yours truly in yesterdays post, he has put himself in league with Chamberlain, Eden and Callaghan, people who cannot control events.

Losing a vote about sending troops into war has got to be the the biggest kick in the stomach a leader can get. Trying to blame Milliband for his own failings just prove Cameron’s sense of entitlement. He actually believe that he is the heir to Tony Blair and we the population must accept that his rule is for our good.  His tawdry deal with the Liberal Democrats has already destroyed that party and now he is going to destroy the greatest political machine of the 20th Century – the Conservative Party.

For the whole of the 20th Century the Tories could always sell their beliefs to the working poor and the wavering liberals that they had the good of the people to heart. With David Cameron and his gang of ”….posh boys who don’t know the price of milk….” – as described by his own MP Nadine Dorries – they are now seen as only interested in looking after their class. 

Yes, class is still a big issue in the UK and if there were revolutionary socialist and republicans looking to play the long game, they would do all they can to keep David Cameron in place because the guy cannot help himself. He is making ordinary people hate him. They are right wingers flirting with UKIP who are really a one man drinking club. Left wingers are confused but they will get their stuff into gear if David Cameron win the 2015 election. Trouble is he will not win the 2015 election, I will be surprised if he last to 2015. So he will lose the next election, if he is still leader. Again, I must say I just cannot see it.

You heard it here first!