Sochi Closing

Jackie Chamoun

Jackie Chamoun

Well we come to the end of Sochi 2014, and the most expensive public relation exercise by a political beast since the US Congress decided to define sexual relations at the end of the 20th Century. The fact that they did not include fellatio or cunnilingus in their definition says more about US Congress than it says about Bill Clinton.

So Vladimir Putin wanted to show the world how great Russia is and how wonderful he is as the 21st Century example of a post-post-revolution Czar. Well Russia maybe a great country but Putin is not great at all! The hassling of Pussy Riot just shows how small and petty Putin is, and, with Ukraine now falling to the pro-western protesters it is beginning to seem that he is weak.

Never thought the words Putin and weak would be uttered in the same breathe but it is clear that his puppet the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has left the capital and is in hiding. Ukraine is becoming a great Russian disaster. Equivalent to Joseph Stalin’s Holodomor famine which has been renamed as the Ukrainian Genocide in some areas of the Ukraine. 

So when the competitors fly home and the litter get swept up. Putin can look at the wreckage of the PR disaster and blame the Western spy agencies for the mess. No doubt the West have been involved but what did he expect after the Edward Snowden  escapade? Snowden preached how open and protective of human rights Russia were. This may be true unless you are a female punk band who wear silly balaclava hats.

The real winner from Sochi 2014, apart from the gold medal winners, is Jackie Chamoun the Lebanese skier who finished 47th in her event but ended up in most national newspapers around the world after a old calender and video appeared surprisingly during the games. The publicity was stoked when conservative figures attacked the naked images and her morals – which guaranteed sales for the future.

So well done Putin you spent $30+ billion dollars, your mates and family made a killing but you lost the Ukraine and possibly the navy yard for the Black Sea. However you did launched the ravishingly beautiful Jackie Chamoun  to the outside world.

Pussy Riot – Putin will teach you how to love / Путин научит тебя любить Родину

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