Putin’s Bluff Is Called

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

So Putin didn’t want to go into Syria because invading a country to save a population – the anti-Assad opposition – was not right. However, it is alright to invade Ukraine to protect a population so long as Russia is doing the invasion?

Mr Snowden, Obama et al you’ve been had! Putin is looking to re-create a new Russian Empire which will be full of stealing oligarchs and will resemble a fascist state.

What can be done to stop this ‘blast from the past’? 

We need another 20th Century dictator like we need a hole in the head. Clearly there are some elements in the Ukraine which you would not want to go to a bar mitzvah with. But then again in Syria there are those elements as well. So why are the lives of Russian speakers in Crimea more valuable than those in Aleppo? 

Mr Putin your bluff has been called and the whole world has seen you for what you are a duplicitous, power mad, hypocrite.