Gordon Brown Saves The Day

 Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown has saved the United Kingdom and David Camerons’ job. When the tide of independence was looking to rip the union apart the much maligned figure of Gordon Brown was asked to come on board and persuade the Scottish people not to vote for independence but to forget about David Cameron and his band of posh boys on the make and stick to the union in the hope that at the next election they will get rid of the Bullingdon Crew and its privatise the NHS agenda.

Thankfully it worked! Scotland voted 55% to stay in the union and 45% for independence. This is a bigger figure than was predicted so the question is settled until the next Conservative government get in and try to dismantle the public sector so that their friends can make a killing ripping off the population.

David Cameron did try to enlist the help of the Queen but she wisely left it to an announcement of another royal baby and some cryptic wording about thinking before voting.  The shameless attempt by the  party to bring in the constitutional monarch into the debate was crass but thankfully unsuccessful, as it would have riled republican feeling within Scotland and in other areas. The last thing we need is republican anger in these difficult times.

So now the nationalist have been given their head they are claiming that the voice of English devolution is growing, but, if the truth beknown it is not growing and never has grown. Those that claim to speak for the English are really speaking for the plutocrats who are not necessarily English. What these so called English nationalist want is to roll back the state and bring in a robber baron society. A society in which the NHS is devalued, welfare state is non-existent, minimum wage is dead and the lower classes are back to the position before World War I and II gave them ideas above their station.

So well done Gordon Brown. I may have lost my silly £4.05 bet on a YES result but it will be the best £4.05 I have ever lost.