Scotland Referendum As A Poker Game

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David Camron is a very devious leader

¬†Well can you believe what is going on within the British establishment since the vote for independence was won by the NO campaign? David Cameron is now saying he will not give ‘Devo Max’ to Scotland unless English MP’s get an English Parliament. Well clearly this was not what was said in the debates and if it was would it have swung the voters to the NO campaign or would it have increased those who wanted to leave the Union?

This is classic David Cameron tactics. Got given an inch he will take a mile. He never won an election, yet he proposed to privatise the national health service which was not in his manifesto. Now after pleding to give the Scots everything but complete seperation he now ties it with the ‘West Lothian’ question.

East Lothian is an actual place, but, West Lothian is not (…and therefore used by an MP now deceased called Tam Dayell) to illustrate the idea that Scottish MP’s should not vote on issues in which their ¬†constituents will not be effected. However, that was not the question posed to the Scots. The fact that some Tory MP’s are making a lot of noise about it, is more to do with the 2016 election.

The tories see an opportunity to whip up anti-Scottish resentment and ignite English nationalism which they hope will be xenophobic, racist and petty which nationalism is usually is. The phrase that nationalism is the last refuge of a scoundrel is very apt. Scottish nationalism have managed to keep under wraps the ugly side, but, English nationalism will be harder to keep in check as it will focus on right wing ambitions and not the more inclusive and progressive English republican, which gave the world, The Levellers, Thomas Paine, William Morris, The Chartist, The Suffragettes, The trade unions, welfare state, NHS etc.

What happens now will be down to George Osborne and David Cameron. Ed Milliband is the biggest loser as he brought the Labour party behind David Cameron and Cameron has shafted Ed Milliband like a a prison whore.

As a poker play it has been a great move by George Osborne and David Cameron as it could delay giving greater power to Scotland or even better create a false narrative that Labour dislike ‘English emancipation’. But it has a sting in the tail as it shows to the World the duplicitous nature of David Cameron and George Osborne. If Parliament backs them up on this then it would show the world that you cannot trust British politics to be genuine – which has been the claim made by many especially the Iranians who see everything dodgy as the work of the British.

This bit of political poker bluff has to be called and it has to fail. Letting Cameron and Osborne get away with this will break up the United Kingdom and confirm all the snide comments made by friends and for that the British are two faced.