MayDay, MayDay. Does Still Matter?


Does Mayday matter?

Does Mayday matter?

Mayday used to be important. It was a day in which labour reasserted its desire to be respected and an important part of the ‘wheels of production’ on a international scale.

Now it seems to be a glorified riot in which anarchist and smash down merchants have a ‘TV’ riot and Moscow show off their synchronised marching. What is the point?

I thought that after ‘Lehmans Day’ the whole world would have woke up to the nonsense of the Thatcherite/Reganomics paradigm that trickle down economics worked. Instead we have a deepening of the plutocratic agenda which gave us socialised losses via quantitative easing and privatised profits with the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

It is obvious that anymore expansion of these so called free trade agreements will only suit the plutocrats who live a life above the ordinary men and women who will suffer under these agreements and treaties.

Sooner or later people will wake up and see that they are living in a slavery that they never realised they were voting for in democratic elections. But do you think there would have been an election if there was not a pre-destined result?

Places such as Greece and Scotland, possibly Spain will give a version of the future that can give hope that things can be different, however, there are too many idiots who will vote against their own interest because they have been conditioned to doff their hats and tug their forlocks to their perceived betters.