Corruption v Banter

Wayne Shaw Eating A Pie

Wayne Shaw Eating A Pie

There is a fine line between corruption, banter and honest to goodness cheap publicity. Sunbets and Wayne Shaw showed how it can go horribly wrong with Sutton sacking Wayne Shaw, the F.A looking into connections between Sunbets and football and the Gambling Commission potentially revoking Sunbets licence.

Sunbets, Funbets, Honesty Threats

At Sutton, who ate all the pies
Leicester City playing at Sevilla
Playing up the odds for lies
Match summed up for Aston Villa

Surprised 2 Р1 Valencia beat Real Madrid
When you see the alternative
Game was true many bets were undid
Horrible to watch live

8/1 to play a pie during the game
No one else were playing overs
Mates and pals loaded up pregame

Congrats to connections
Breaking all the regulations
The authorities making serious interjections