So War It is Then…!

So here we are in the 21st Century and Russia is in the middle of taking over Ukraine for no other reason except that they can.

Putin the man prosecuting the war is going to be helped by China as they are looking to take over Taiwan.

The problem with this is that the Ukrainian and the Taiwanese do not want to be taken over by anyone they don’t approve of.

They both claim to be a functioning democracy and they do not want to be run by autocrats who will clamp down on free speech and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Why should it bother me in England?

Well it bothers me because it just not right. It looks like the breaking of international law and it looks like an attempt to re-write history.

The West and those who like liberal democracies will have to stand up and try and stop this craven power grab.

We could see World War Three if the delicate egos of those in power are messed with. It is not a happy place to be in right now.

Obviously Trump, Farage and those who like autocratic rule and nonsensical ideas are loving this as it proves the ‘liberal elite’ wrong as there is no negotiation with mad men who see themselves as strong. 

So just roll over and let ‘alternative facts’ have their turn on the big stage. Things like Brexit, Jewish Laser Beams and Chavez altering election voting machines!

Ah well, humans nearly had it all. Just some humans are greedier than the rest.