Jerry Leiber and Nickolas Ashford Dead

When a person rises so high in his character and the work he does, a legend is born. We give them the stature of a legend when they touch the soul of millions. The music industry lost its most loved stars simultaneously. These were Jerry Leiber and Nick Ashford who died within a week and left their fans in pain.”Jerry Leiber and Nickolas Ashford Dead” this was something unbelievable. They were the artists who mastered the art of songwriting to perfection. Both had two things in common, they both wrote with partners, Leiber with Stoller and Ashford with Simpson who was also his wife. They both wrote and made rock ‘n’ roll music famous and added new colors to it.

Few of the most loved songs written by Leiber were Hound Dog, Down in Mexico, Love me and many more. Jerry Leiber died of a heart attack at the age of 78. His Co-writer Stoller mourned his partner’s death, saying some very touching words. Remembering him as a buddy, friend, then a writing partner and this was an association of 61 years.

Nickolas Ashford died of throat cancer at the age of 70. He was battling with cancer for quite a long time to which he finally lost. He married Valerie Simpson who was also his co-writer. With her he wrote many marvelous songs like the very famous “Ain’t no mountain high enough’, “you are all i need” and many more. Ashford and Simpson wrote for the label named Motown Records.

With “Jerry Leiber and Nickolas Ashford Dead,” the father of rock n’ roll music has died. God also acts in a dramatic way sometimes, when he takes two jewels who gave rock ‘n’ roll music the stature what it has today at the same time. Their work was contemporary and hence the music lovers that time had the privilege of being able to listen to the works of such legends. The most loved songs being “Hound Dog”, “Love me”, “Fools fall in love”, “ Love Potion No.9”, “Yakety Yak”, “This magic moment”, “Ain’t nothing like a real thing”, “I am every woman”, and many more.

Today we can just remember and cherish their creation that is immortal. They gave what people wanted to listen. Touched every heart they came across and continued to work as if they had just started working till the end. These legends won many awards and accolades in their whole career.