Friday Night

Started of really good last night was up by about £1500 when a new guy entered the game and he put the ‘mockers’ on me. From then on I could not win a game and even though he didn’t win he just seemed to put a jinx on me. In one game I had 2 jacks and 2 8’s; Malcolm got a flush on the very last card when he has holding a Queen of spade and a 2 of diamonds. It didn’t cost me a lot in that game it just give you an idea of the bad run I had.

Came out the game £120 up which is better than a kick in the nuts. Didn’t feel in the mood to see my latest squeeze so I went to my mate’s pub for a drink. Yeah we had a chat and stuff but it was a dull as ditch water with the disco playing a lot of handbaggy type house music. The slappers in there were about as enticing as a dose of herpes, but the way they acted it gave the impression that they were god’s gift to men – always the same when the venue has a lack of women about. Inevitably a fight broke out over some nonsense but the doormen sorted it and the blokes got a good hiding.

So this morning woke up and read some form nothing doing, so here is my blog.