Interview with Poker Totty – Natalie!

Poker Totty Natalie Edge Edwards Intro into sit and go poker tournament

Natalie is a lovely person but very shy, so it was with great pleasure that she had agreed to do the interview. The remarkable thing about this interview is that she has been subjected to a wicked campaign of intimidation by misogynistic men while doing this interview. Well, we at salute Natalie unwillingness to be kowtowed by childish and juvenile cockroaches.

As you know we are a poker website, do you play poker at all? No but
would love to learn how to play

What is your daytime job? Stay at home mummy and model

As a stay home mom how do you time manage your very busy modeling schedule?
I juggle it as well as I can, I can go from domestic goddess and yummy mummy to model, and Lennon comes on shoots with me too so I get the best of both worlds, it’s hard but I love a challenge

poker totty Natalie looking good as she contemplates playing online poker

Natalie looking good

How would you describe yourself physically?

Curvy and busty! Yes, I love lingerie. I think with my curvy busty body I do it quite well and love both lingerie and glamour modeling. My lingerie pictures are definitely my favourite (laughter).

I have noticed some guys have a problem with curvy and busty women, what’s your take on their misogyny?

It’s their problem but i’ve been told by many people that the reason I get a lot of hassle, abuse and bullying from men is because they can’t have me, whether that is the reason or whether they just don’t like me, I don’t know. Maybe they are frustrated because I don’t do topless

Which designer do you admire? Coco Chanel?

When did you decide that modeling maybe a career for you? When I
was chosen to be the new marketing image for a photography business when I was 8 months pregnant.

yummy mummy poker totty Natalie edge edwards dancing after winning her first poker SnG

Natalie dancing

8 moths pregnant when you decided to become a model that’s a bit unusual why then?

A female photographer posted thread on a pregnancy site I used to go on, she asked if there were any ladies interested in a pregnancy shoot as the new marketing image for her business and she chose me out of everyone who entered, i’d been wanting to get into modeling for a while and this is what made me think yes, i’ll go for it because I really enjoyed it

Who are your favourite models?

Stephanie Seymour

What sort of music and artist do you like?

Nirvana, REM

Do you have any hobbies?

I love ghost hunting

Sweet Poker totty Natalie is the archetypal Poker Totty

Sweet Natalie

I am dying to ask this  (no pun intended)  – how do you hunt ghost?

I go with a few of my friends to haunted locations and we do our own investigations with some equipment and we have all had various experiences, we all love it and can’t wait for the next time we go

Have you caught any ghost?

We’ve caught a lot of orbs and I have seen a few spirits with my own eyes but not caught any on camera… as of yet

What is your favourite entertainment?

Not sure about this one

Which cuisine do you prefer?

Anything vegetarian.

If you had a choice would it be a Prada handbag or a Jimmy Choo shoes?

The shoes, I have way too many handbags but not enough shoes.

Poker totty Natalie looking hot

Natalie looking hot