Why am I bored with poker?

Do you sometimes get bored with poker? Well, I am! Maybe it’s the constant sucking out to really bad players and bad play that is doing it but it is really driving me insane. Or it could be that I need a new stimulus like Omaha or even draw poker instead of the now standard Texas Hold Em.

I used to get a thrill out of live play but even that is beginning to wind me up a little and the endless chat of tactics, strategy and maths which can get a bit anoraky and geeky. And. please do not get me started on online poker and the ‘banter’ which is usually nothing more than  abuse and childish threats of violence via the internet as if the perpetrators can really do anything about it.

I have never really heard a discussion on the merit of taking time out but I do feel the need to do this as it may refresh my enthusiasm for poker and energise my tactics. OK, maybe I just need a good win LOL.