The Magical Tipster Caught on Camera

While reports that The Magical Tipster is someone else and not what most people think he maybe, was dismissed by yours truly as fantasy and scurrilous.

However, after a tip off from a friend I managed to get what must be a world exclusive photos of the Magical Tipster in his natural habitat, a bar.

But hold on shouldn’t he be at some sort of educational institution somewhere, he does look rather young? After a number of beverages I put it to the man who is going to make us loads of money during Royal Ascot.

I understand you want to play in The PokerKnave Solstice is that correct?

I may be interested, I may not. If I told I maybe lying, so, I keep my mouth shut and opinions to myself, unless I want to help fleece the bookies for my followers.

You do look quite young?

My age is between the woods and sea, I am the same age as my tongue and my tongue has eaten foods that no longer exist.

At this stage I thought this guy is nuts, and, no wonder he has the reputation that he has and I then decided to end the expose and join the rest of the drunks in an afternoon of imbibing of ambrosia nectar. We were joined by Fabio the French barman who could have been the grand, grand, grand son of The Magical Tipster.