OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Popeye the original Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as a poker player Popeye the original Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as a poker player

I think I may suffer from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). The only problem is that it is working for me, an, I am winning loads on the poker table…!

Now being an OCD is seen as a really dysfunctional way of living because it is a fancy way of saying that you are mad. The famous phrase that the first sign of madness is doing something over and over again expecting the result to change, but it doesn’t.

Wikipedia that bastion of logical, organic and evolutionary thing describe OCD as ‘…is a mental disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce anxiety, by repetitive behaviours aimed at reducing anxiety, or by combinations of such thoughts (obsessions) and behaviours (compulsions). The symptoms of this anxiety disorder range from repetitive hand-washing and extensive hoarding to preoccupation with sexual, religious, or aggressive impulses. These symptoms can be alienating and time-consuming, and often cause severe emotional and economic loss. Although the acts of those who have OCD may appear paranoid and come across to others as psychotic, OCD sufferers often recognize their thoughts and subsequent actions as irrational, and they may become further distressed by this realization…’

The reason for this bit of confessional self analysis is that I have been going for back end straights aggressively, why would I do this? I have not got a clue why I am doing this, but, it seems to be working. My system comes into its own when I am playing Texas Hold Em; I am short stack and have low value connectors with several players in play.

I raise not by much but get called. When the flop comes down and the result will be a rainbow flop of low value. Now this is the tricky bit if I don’t get the straight then I will make the minimum bet hoping to get called. If I get the straight then I will check pretending that I wanted a picture card.

The reason why I made a bet was to pretend that I was making a continuation bet even though I didn’t hit my pair or improved my hand. It is surprising how many times you do get called and surprising how often the turn card will be a high card. Now one of the players will have made a pair or trips. I then raise or go all in hoping to get a back end straight. This invariably gets called and BINGO!

OK this amazing tactical proposition has numerous flaws in it but you will be surprised how it works out, if you have been playing a normal tournament play – i.e. play sensible and take two major risks before the final stage – then you will find that the system will be helpful. If it doesn’t then don’t blame me or try to sue me because I have a sandwich or two short of a picnic and therefore unreliable in a court of law your honour.

By the way I was teaching some new poker players the noble game when I guy, who was short in chips, went all in with 7 – 2 unsuited. I turned around and said to him ‘’well you should not have done that as 7 – 2 unsuited is the worst starting hand. Guess what he won with a pair of 2’s. This led to howls of laughter and led to another player later on doing the same thing and winning as well, this time with 3 7’s. Life is like that!