Win A Date With The Poker Knave

Tiffany Michelle is a prize to win?
Tiffany Michelle is a prize to win?

Well as prizes go winning a date with poker pro Tiffany Michelle has got to be up there as one of the best. But excuse me for being a bit cynical as to what one can expect on that date? I mean I have been on dates that lasted 2 hours, never to be seen again, and, I have been on dates that lasted a week!

Who will be at these dates surely there will be a chaperon and at least a photographer or two. Will alcohol be involved and what about the all important ‘kiss’ at the end of the night? Too many questions needing too many answers so I will be giving a wide berth because I have an offer of our own.

Win a date with the Poker Knave. All transportation, entertainment, food and drinks will be paid by yourself – ‘the winner’, and, all evidence of the date will be destroyed. will ensure the ‘date’ will be tax deductible and your credit card bill will not reflect the night of romance that was enjoyed.

Obviously a game of poker will be played and naturally it will be strip poker – all rights to video evidence will belong to and you will have no rights to future publications. A service charge will be made to your bill for material and cleaning requirements.

As you can tell this has got to be the greatest competition ever, and is open to any female between the ages of 18 to 85 who are wiling to sign a clause that they are of sound mind and are financially independent.