Formula For The Big Slick

forumla for the big slick

forumla for the big slick

A few days ago, I wrote that the big slick needed a formula like JJ’s when preflop. The reason being is that although they are in the top 10 of best poker starting hands they can and do get beaten quite regular which is infuriating and can lead to a person to go full tilt quite quickly.

So for the last few days i have worked at getting a easy to use formula for the big slick like I have for a pair of Jacks which is P =( 1/3S – C)/R.

This has proved difficult, however, after many hours of tinkering here is a formula which i have convertedinverted bell curve. Basically the more middling the stack the less you push in. The more shorter the stack the more you push in and the higher your stack the and the lower your opponent stack the more you push in.

Obviously this is not a formula in the purest sense the reason being is that the variable for the size of the opponent stack an their position is had to define. The bell curve does represent a easy to visualise idea to use when faced with this dilemma and you do not want to leak too much information.