Do “Girls Suck At Poker”?

Annette Obrestad

Annette Obrestad

According to Annette Oberstad when it comes to poker than the female of the species is more pathetic than the male, she said “It’s easy money… I’ve always said that girls suck at poker. I say that because they do. Maybe they just aren’t as competitive and don’t try to learn from their mistakes.” Very strong words indeed!

Well my view on the subject is that she has never played some of the women I know who are very competitive and do not take to losing that easy. They play to win and do test out new techniques after learning how a person or persons played. However in pure numbers there are far less women poker players than male players hence the talent pool is less.

Also I am looking from a very small specific area – I like female poker players in a carnal sense! Female poker players does something to the senses. There is nothing more wonderful than doing battle with a woman player who wants to win and wants your chip.

At times it is almost fore play and has been fore play resulting in passionate consummation. Yes I think my position on female poker players is different from Annette Oberstad but I would love to give her a game or two – maybe a variety of poker called striptease hold ’em.

Well as a lowly fish to the great Norwegian shark called Annette Oberstad I should bow down in due deference, but based on my knowledge she may be wrong in my humble opinion but then again in gambling isn’t all about opinion anyway and how to have an edge? Maybe someone should do a statistical analysis on this matter, but I wont hold my breathe.