A Friendly Game Of Poker

Dog As Best Friend

When playing  Texas hold em there is rarely such thing as a friendly game of poker. If you want to be a winning player at Texas hold em you cannot afford to keep the game friendly. There are no friends at a poker table and as was said some time ago in politics ”….if you want a best friend, get a dog….” This applies to a game of poker. Not just live poker it also applies to online poker, and, players there will try to get friendly with you especially at www.pokerstars.co.uk/poker/games/.

The essence of poker is not letting soft emotions get the better of you and this is hard but a worth while profile if you want to win. The other day I was on a table by a nice lady who was quite friendly but also quite ugly to look at. She also had a funny smell and although friendly and very chatty I was desperate to be moved to another table. 

The tournament was going OK, when I had pocket queens. I raised, got re-raised and had to go all in. I found myself up against pocket Kings and I got lucky a queen came out and saved my bacon. I then had AK and was in the big blind position. everyone folded except for the smelly but chatty lady. I raised, she re-raised, again forcing me to go all in. I just felt lucky and went for  it. Bad move!

She had a pair of 4’s and one of the other four came out. Not only did she bore me to death, stank me to death but she also knocked me out of the tournament. Why did she have to go all in when she could have just call my raise and then let me know she had trips after the flop? If she was a real friend she could have given me the nod, but, she was playing her game and she got my chips.

Therefore, the moral of the story, be careful to smooch a friendly person, but, don’t let an off putting person that you do not like their personality of get to you, or, you may regret it.