Online Poker Officially US Friendly 2013

Online Poker

Online Poker

Big prediction on a big day – online poker will be legal in 2013! With this prediction I will be aiming to take on The Magical Tipster and his amazing ability to pick winners (on Saturday he had 4 winners out of 7 and is looking to clean up on Lisa Riley on Strictly Come Dancing)

Why am I so bullish about online poker being legal in the US? Well Sheldon Adelson a big anti online poker guy may have bank rolled Mitt Romney hoping that he will block any legalisation of online poker and therefore protect his casino business, is going to lose his bet. 

Mitt Romney wont win and if he does he cannot block online poker being legal because the Republicans cannot take the Senate. I put my prediction at 70% certain and in this game odds on favourite can get turned over. However this one looks good as the wonder horse Frankel in the final furlong with a five length lead…you know he wont be caught.

So my American friends please put your legendary consumer power to get some regulation on the online game so that the rest of the world can fall into line and make the game we love truly fair and level. No more bots, no more indecipherable terms and conditions and easy withdrawal procedures.