Four King Hell, I’ve Got To Fold Quads

Four King Hell

Four King Hell

I find it very difficult to fold 4 8’s. In fact I have never folded 4 of anything. Even when I know I am beaten I just cannot lay those damn cards down. Maybe it is a sign that I will never become a good poker player because not throwing hands that are beaten is a sign of loving the cards and not using them as a tool to extract money from other players.

The game I am in turmoil over happened last night I had a pair of eights and limped in what seemed a nice little family pot. Then they came out 2 more 8’s and a king. The guys checked to me and I made a small bet hoping that someone had a king and would call. To my surprise the next player to me a rather older guy with funny glasses went ‘all in’. 

I can see his game and me and another guy called his all-in. Then came the other King. Me and this other guy checked and then the river produced a inevitable blank and the other guy put in a big bet I called and was beaten. The thing is I knew I was beaten when the guy made the bet. What the first guy was thinking with his pair of aces I do not know, but I knew I was beaten.

Maybe I should have folded but the limped in with a air of kings, how silly was that? Yes I know the odds of getting quads in Texas Hold ‘Em is quite small, roughly 500/1+, but when you do get it you are usually the winner and when your opponents play so badly they suck you into making sane but bad decisions then it is your mistake. Yes I am beating myself up as the tournament was an easy one and the players were easy to read and beat. So getting knocked out really hurt.

Fair play to the guy with the four kings, he managed to hide his smirk for a long time but as I joined the other rail-birds I just hated the feeling sorry for you moments which always follow such exits. What I needed there and then was a fight or a bunk up to get rid of the tension. The people in the bar were nice and the women were ugly so there was no chance of anything exciting happening. All I could do with get drunk and cry gently inside at getting done by those effing four kings.