Things For The New Year

Lady Santa In Pink

The new year starts now and here are my stupendous thoughts on what will or should happen. The first thing is that Piers Morgan will NOT be deported from America for subverting the 2nd Amendment of the US constitution. This highly amusing waste of time was thought up by some either crazy right wing nutjob or a very funny prankster? The problem is that because of the ‘Obama Syndrome’ we do not know whether to laugh or cry. If you think I am being a pompous Brit pontificating over something I have not got a clue about, all I can say is ‘fiscal cliff’!

The next thing I will talk about again is about the US. This is the year that the US finally makes online poker legal and thank god it does because the way consumers think in the US will help make online poker more user friendly as opposed to the present website-centric model that seems to be the order of things. We in Europe may take the micky out of the US and their right to be heard, but, it is clear that when you need regulations and the ability to challenge the mighty and powerful, it is the US that makes things possible. Just look at the ‘Milly Dowler/hackgate’ scandal and the Libor outrage which all got exposed in the US. So imagine how online poker will improve once the US gets on board.

It is sad that in the 21st Century we in Britain cannot see how subjugated we are. Yes we have the NHS and the right to vote. However, our public services are being sold off to mates of The Bullingdon Club and nothing is being done to stop it. Cameron and Clegg are just arrogant posh boys who do not give a damn about the ordinary men and women. Yes they will attack the single mother on a council estate and call it compassion, they will scapegoat the youth and call it concern and they will denigrate the disabled and call it being helpful. They hate the working class and we know it! What the working class will do is up to The Sun and Simon Cowell – sad but true.

Ideally the ‘plebs’ will retaliate but I doubt it and so I and others will retreat to the poker tables and immerse ourselves in being compliant citizens forever tugging our forlock and saying ‘thanks guv for your pennies, I’ll get me a rat for tea tonight..gawd bless you kind sir….’! OK it is not that bad but with the age of austerity about to engulf us expect the worst . Thank you bankers for your efforts.

Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict A Riot

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Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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