Cheeky Buggers

Hacker At Work

When you get hacked it is annoying, but, what is worst is when the hackers offer their services as a security consultant so effectively blackmailing you to pay them to stop hacking you. If anything will drive the internet into the hands of the government and plutocrats is this type of behaviour. In fact why wouldn’t those dodgy who choose to rule the masses not encourage hackers to do their bidding when it will eventually help the oppressors keep power?

Wikileaks has done some good in that it taught us that in high level politics things are not always as they seem. With such monumental escapades will have the alternative sheer hooliganism and dark criminal activity. 

Anyway hopefully these people will do stuff about the abuse of human rights, rampant religious intolerance and the over reach of global plutocrats instead of humble website owners and bloggers having a presence on the net.