Bitcoin Hustle



Some entrepreneurial crook or crooks are sending out dodgy emails with an attachment which when clicked on open a piece of code that take over your machine and then send you a message stating that you must give them X amount of money so that you can regain your machine back.

Now, since the computer revolution started and the sharing of files was instigated, it was always stated categorically that you should never open a file you have not requested or wanted, but, some people will open up files. Just as people will send their bank details to the wife of a Nigerian dictator because they want to share in the windfall of oil cash which has been stuck in a bank account.

Therefore without a shadow of a doubt some machines will be taken over and this is the really interesting bit a ransom demand will be made and the payment must be paid in BitCoins!

Ingenious, since BitCoins cannot be traced or marked as dodgy or stolen via fraud. So here is my hustle to join the band of desperado’s looking for a quick virtual buck. 

If anyone give me BitCoins I will promise to fix them up a date with The Magical Tipster! A one of deal to meet the greatest tipster since Nostradamus. You will be able to do whatever you want to do with him and you will not be disappointed. He will predict your chances in life, work and play. This is a one of offer and all virtual cash will be used in the wiseist way possible (probably hard drink, fast women and slow horses).