Floods In The ‘Flats’

Somerset Floods

Somerset Floods

Being and island has it’s advantages. Protection from invading armies, rabies, dangerous animals etc. It should also be quite clear that water is a major part of life.

However, when you exist on the outer regions of the metropolis there is a tendency of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Also, being part of a culture in which you keep ‘yourself to yourself’ and ‘an English home is his castle’, there is a thought that collectivism belongs to those metrosexual types in the big cities. Hence a tendency to have private educated, liberal posh types in charge of the politics of the region. 

The problem being that when radicalism is needed it tends to be ugly and regionalistic almost xenophobic which can put people off. So, we witness the fiasco of nearly a month of flooding in the South West of the UK. Farms, villages and hamlets have been under water for almost a 6 weeks and it does not seem to be clearing soon. Instead of raging to those who are in charge, there seem to be attacking those who say this is due to government cutbacks and global warming the sort of ideas that the victims usually hate. 

They also bring up the idea that overseas aid should be used to sort out the problems at home. They completely forget that this is fifth or sixth richest country in the World and the member of parliament for the region are in government. If there were more antagonistic opposition such as in Scotland and the North of England then things would never gone this far.

So what should be done, well convert the Conservatives to UKIP and the Liberal Democrats to Labour and watch how arguments progress in Parliament.