Politicians UTG

Politics/Poker ''Under The Gun''

Politics/Poker ”Under The Gun”

In poker being ‘under the gun’ is the position after the big blind and is the first person to make a decision. It is a very stressful position to be in as you have to make decisions knowing that you will give out signals of what you have and what you intend to do.

Since politics is poker by another name every now and then there are massive decisions which have to be made which will impact on people around the world, but these decisions cannot be put on the back burner as the time has come for an answer.

Politicians will be going into overdrive within the next few weeks. The reason being is that language have been getting extreme over the last few months and now the time to put up or shut up has arrived. Here are the examples of what is meant by politicians under the gun:

1. Jordan have declared total war on ISIL, who will back Jordan?

2. Republicans have declared war on Obamacare. what is going to replace the 8.5 million who will lose coverage?

3. The UK economy is on the verge of a slowdown, what can be done to re-invigorate the economy?

4. Russia and Ukraine are about to go into total war, how do the UN stop this?

5. Greece may be kicked out of the Euroland economy, how can Germany stop this?

6. Boko Haram are looking to create a African caliphate, can Nigeria control this organisation?

7. Can China replace the USA as the main business partner in South America after pledging $250 billion of investment in the region?

8. Will Saudi Arabia allow Yemen to disintegrate?

These are only some of the big issues that the World and those in it will have to ponder and resolve this year. It will not be pretty and will certainly be divisive but this was the way to get power now those who have it need to exhibit it.