Get Your Tips Out – Day 2

Confused Punter Chasing Knavecoins

Confused Punter Chasing Knavecoins

The second day of horse racing at Cheltenham is really a difficult day and once again I will be looking towards The Magical Tipster and Sligo Tom for directions. Hopefully both can carry on the good work they had on the first day which was profitable especially for Sligo Tom.

The Cheltenham Challenge continues and you can still enter the daily and the weekly. It looks like there are some big priced winner to be had so do not bother with the price concentrate on getting the winner no matter how outlandish its chances seem.

The rules are very simple:

* Open to all

*Just pick 1 horse to win in each of the days racing at the Cheltenham Festival.

*Post the picks on the comment section or by email before the first race of the day.

*If your horse is a non-runner then you will go on the favourite. Joint favourites will be split between the runners.

*The person with the most starting price profit wins.

*If there is a tie then the prizes will be split with the winners getting the lion or all the prizes. For instance if 4 people are winners for the day then there will be no 2nd or 3rd as those prizes will be split between the winners. This ruling applies to the week winner.

*The same applies to the worst tipster of the week and the prize will be split between the losers if there are many.

* You don’t have to pick a race in each race but you will miss a potential winner.

Getting Your Tips Out

Winners relax in the riders lounge.
Turn on, Tune in, Tips out.
Win in a race is a challenge
Races for the first time in bookies favour.

Jockeys will have to be good
What a fortnight for the teenager!
In the 2.40 looks very scary.
Only risk a very small wager

Tickets from £2 or £3, and kids go free!
To see  a winning superstar
It’s like the Grand National at Aintree.

Knavecoins to be won in just a few minutes!
The world’s best will be riding
Follow our tipster is the tenet.