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Need Ideas For Markets


Knavecoins For Free

It has just dawned on me that PoolKnave PMP is very UK centric! Yes we do have things such as basketball, baseball and of course altcoins but in the end most of the markets relate to what we do in the UK. Therefore we have come to a decision. We will give 1,000 KNC to every new idea for a market that we do. So if you think the general public world wide would like to have a event on some situation in Outer Mongolia and it gets accepted then we will send you 1,000 KNC for free.

Now 1,000 KNC is equivalent to £1,000 as it is tagged to UK Stirling. The coins can then be traded just like Bitcoins. The most popular method at the moment is in the Northern Soul scene where they are a great way for record traders to trade without having a lot of paper money on themselves. How often does someone give you roughly $1,600+? So what are you waiting for get on the bandwagon NOW!

There are a few things you will need to do:

You have to get your own wallet and this can be done by downloading a version from http://knavecoin.com. sadly this is a Windows based wallet only.

Secondly, join up to the PoolKnave Pari-Mutuel Predictor or Poolknave PMP http://poolknave.com/poolknave-pari-mutuel/reserved/. You will get £200 worth of Knavecoins in the form of PoolKnave tokens or PK. This has been done for security reasons.  You can extra 50% bonus coins by posting your address on Bitcoin Garden Forum http://bitcoingarden.tk/forum/index.php?topic=1646.0.

You can get extra coins by entering the Blog of the Month, Blog of the Year competition and you can get a share of 400,000+ Knavecoins, plus residual income for the length of time your blog exist. You cannot beat money for free as this is always good. So join up now and become part of the financial revolution by following the three steps to the brave new world.

The Revolution By Knavecoin

YouTube Preview Image


Betting On Scotlands’ Referendum

Added on September 17th, 2014 by admin
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The Saltire - Cross of St Andrew

The Saltire – Cross of St Andrew

The market on the referendum has been one of the best the bookies have ever seen, with some hefty bets piling on the NO campaign. However, with the polls showing a mathematical 50:50 split the price of 1/4 NO is crying to be layed. Apparently you can get 4/1 on YES which is to be backed whatever the outcome. Just because some heavy bets have gone on the NO result does not mean that it is a done deal.

The  YES campaign are seriously motivated. They are pushing for the win and seem to be on a roll. Yes sophisticated polling figures still see the NO campaign is in the lead, and, it is usually people who do not want to voice unpopular (ie they will vote NO) opinions who say that they dont know. However, with a shower of rain predicted and with young people looking to rebel along with diehard Labour former voters this is not a 80% NO result. There are better 1/4 shots out there and along with The Magical Tipster putting money on YES seems the only reasonable bet.

By the way I hope the Scots vote NO but I cannot let go of a risky but 50/50 bet it would be rude not to have a bet. Especially when you see that David Cameron is the Prime Minister and has the leadership quality of a headless chicken. David Cameron oozes entitlement and superiority and that is why people cannot stand him. The only ones that think he should be leading the country are those that will benefit the most from him and his warped sense of priorities.

Hence he could not win the 2010 election from a position in which he only had to appear sincere and genuine and now is on the verge of losing Scotland which had a 20+ percentage lead at the beginning of the referendum campaign period. Obviously he will blame Alistair Darling, but come on Alistair Darling is not the most exciting politician you will ever meet. He is more of a team supporter/player, not leader. They now have had to bring in Gordon Brown – who was apparently the worst person ever according to David Cameron – to get the Labour supporters back and shore up the NO campaign. Then to top it all Queen Elizabeth II has been roped in which is very controversial, constitutionally.

Losing from winning position has become endemic for the Conservative Party and now they have the possibility of losing a third of the country.


St Balthasar Needs To Help Me Now….!

St. Balthasar

St. Balthasar, the Patron Saint of Playing Card Manufacturers

In a world which is witnessing death cults setting up states in the Middle East, nationalist in Scotland looking to ‘Balkanise’ the UK, USA still convulse by race and immigration, Putin trying to revive a fascistic version of the USSR and plutocracy seeming on a road to total control of the 99.9% of the world and its resources, all I can worry about is my dire poker playing skills!

At this moment in time I could not win a game if I had a string of Aces and Kings against people who would bet on two flies walking on a window pane. I just cannot seem to let go losing hands. Hands that I know are losing I will hang on and then pay off my opponent by calling their nuts…! People do not even have to bluff or try any dodgy shenanigans I will call, call and call again.

Therefore, I need some external help and the first thing that came into my head was some sort of spiritual intervention. Why not? If it is good for those crazy people who chop off peoples head or blow up family planning clinics then I might as well give it a go. After all you might as well play the percentages and do a Pascal’s Gamble.

Some might say that I should just go to a poker clinic, but, what would be the fun i  that I might as well look at videos and read books. No! Spiritual awakening is the way to go and St Balthazar or Balthasar played the role of a gambling Robin Hood. I like to see myself as a gambling Robin Hood. I try to facilitate the destruction of bookies and soppy gamblers. The only problem now is that I have become a soppy gambler and the only thing that is saving me is my role as a bookmaker or turf accountant. As a bookmaker/ turf accountant I usually have a bit of flair but recently I have just played the numbers and guaranteed wins – because I am scared of losing – which just is not right.

So please St Balthasar give me back my mojo so that I can at least play poker with a modicum of skill and be a bookie with a sense of adventure. 

As a slight digression, Poker Totty Venus is aiming to produce regular betting tips on European football. Now this should be interesting as there will be no place to hide with her tips and things could be interesting either to back or to lay.

Venus and Mars tips for Germany – Bundesliga

Added on September 5th, 2014 by admin
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YouTube Preview Image

Poker Totty Venus has some very interesting points to make on the German Premier League in which she basically say that it is too close to call. As always she does give us her tips and we as always do not take responsibility for the tips, but, we will take all the kudos that comes if she and her brother are proven right.

Poker Totty Venus

Poker Totty Venus


Venus and Mars tips for Spain – Liga BBVA

YouTube Preview Image

Poker Totty Venus and her brother Mars have decided that the World Cup in Brazil 2014 was very good for their tips, so, they have decided to turn to the European soccer leagues and here is the first of their tips. We will be previewing all there tips for the Big 8 leagues in Europe.

Is Venus and Mars the new duo to take on the old fogies The Magical Tipster and The Villain? 

Poker Totty Venus football

Poker Totty Venus.


Be Scared At Cheltenham

Guinness @ Cheltenham Festival 2014.

Guinness @ Cheltenham Festival 2014.

The first big horse racing festival of 2014 starts tomorrow and the bookies are after your money with gusto! You can tell when a sporting festival is going to be a bonanza for the bookies by the amount of giveaway bets they advertise. Giveaway bets are those enticing bets where the bookies either give you your money back or give you some other financial bonus for not backing the winner. 

Just like when their betting shops offered £50 prize money to those who played the fixed odds betting terminals in their shop ‘tournaments’ which were free, they knew they would be getting that money back plus a lot more for their efforts. Bookies are not called turf accountants for nothing!

So every year I wait and see the advertisement for an event. If all the bookies, large and small, are going for it you know they say a bigger return in the future. The large firms are looking for brand new clients, probably teenagers and women. The smaller firms are looking for established bettors who need a new firm to change their luck.

The surprising thing that I have noticed is the lack of drink promotion that is usually part and parcel of Cheltenham Festival it seems that the betting firms have totally brought up all the advertising space for the festival, which really instil in me a fear of the days ahead. So good luck to all those who are playing tomorrow and don’t be worried if you fancy a big price runner it may have more chances than you think. 


Betting With Bitcoins

Added on December 26th, 2013 by admin
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BitCoin QR

Bitcoins Accepted



Clearly the story of the year has been Bitcoins and its rise to being at one point more expensive than gold. Which was a little weird since you can do stuff with gold such as making necklaces, rings etc. The only thing you can do with Bitcoins is store them until you want to cash them in or buy drugs.

People are trying to organise betting with Bitcoins but as seen in regular scam stories Bitcoins are very handy if you want to steal them. Since they are untraceable i the sense they leave no obvious paper trail, how would a victim make a claim of theft?

I suppose intellectual property rights become an option since you’ve effectively had licence to an algorithm or software which is unique and usable. But the question remains unless you can prove that the Bitcoins left your wallet and went to another wallet directly, then what claim do you have? So for now unless there is a viable way of securely having some sort of paper trail you would be mad to bet with Bitcoins.

Just hang onto the virtual currency and what until the market is sufficiently good for you to convert to proper money with which you can bet with and is traceable. 

Can Gambling Ever Be Clean?

Added on November 28th, 2013 by admin
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The 'King' of Match Fixing Wilson Raj Perumal.

The ‘King’ of Match Fixing Wilson Raj Perumal.

The news that the police have taken into custody a number of individuals in connection with match fixing is bad news. The fact that it involves English football teams is really bad news, and the accusation that it involves the king of match fixing Wilson Raj Perumal is even worst news.

Match fixing seem to be growing as the betting on their outcomes go into hundreds of millions pounds. But, the one area that did looked untouchable was the English Football Association. It seemed that with the money involved the very loyal fan base that it was almost impossible to bring the game into disrepute. Yes there was always the element of ‘English fair play’ in which the rules were always upheld for the good of the game. To say that English football supporting is almost a religious experience is not an outlandish statement.

Now with the latest news this will be a body blow in which most supporters will hopefully be glad if it is so small and amateurish that it will not taint the game too much. The last thing we need in football is for it to be tainted like cricket and therefore get relegated to the scepticism of horse racing and greyhound racing.

This ask the question can any form of gambling be entirely without corruption?

The simple answer is no, but, there can be an element of trust in the result. Making sure players cannot bet in the game they are playing is the first thing. The second would be to regulate the betting markets in Asia. Third and finally castigating anyone found fixing a game and expelling them for ever is the final pillar to keep crooked players down to a minimum.

Players will always bet on the game. It is part of the fun of playing any sport is risking financial well being on its outcome. But there is a time when the money won from betting is greater than the reward offered in playing. However, you have got to ‘trust’ the participants to have some sort of honour and to do the right thing.

Why Asian countries outlaw betting is beyond me. Apparently in India something like $60 billion per year is betted on all sorts of events yet the country still make it illegal except for horse racing? This applies to other countries within Asia to some degree. Now if it were legal it would be open to regulation and revenue for the government. Instead criminals and websites which will never pay tax in those countries benefit. How stupid is that?

Finally retribution to those involve in match fixing should be heavy and punitive. Just like drug cheats get a hammering, so should players and officials who cheat.

Ultimately you will never get rid of dodgy sports men and officials, and why should you if you’re in the know. So for the good of sport and those not in the know I hope the police were wrong or the weight of the law drops heavily on their heads.

A Star Maybe Born

Four Leaf Clover

Four Leaf Clover

Two interesting stories to be told. The first is about legendary gambler Archie Karas (born Anargyros Karabourniotis) who is in prison awaiting charges relating to cheating at blackjack and the news that there is a betting shop worker who claims to be the newest and greatest Poker Totty yet to be discovered.

Archie Karas is a bloke all gamblers aspire to be.. He turned $50 into $40 million dollars in the betting variance of all betting variance. To do this he played poker, dice and pool amassing the fortune all in the space of 6 months. However, since he has a self-confessed low regard for money, he has won and loss millions over the year and now is under heavy investigation for cheating at blackjack.

As of now charges have not been made and under the laws of natural justice a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Which brings me to the challenge I had while drinking with a ‘Patrician’ lady who works in a betting office. Now when is having a drink one does here stories about daring do’s, but this one seemed different and the vigour of her language made it impossible for me not to take notice. therefore I have decided to take notice and will be filling you in with more details as and when I get it.

For Sale: A Sports Book Betting System

PoolKnave Logo

PoolKnave Logo


  1. Have you ever wanted to run your own sports book?
  2. Have you successfully traded the sports market?
  3. Would you like to realise your dream as the online equivalent of Charles K. McNeil, Arthur Bendir, Helen Vernet, William Hill, Joe Coral, Cyril Stein, Freddie Williams, or William Chandler? 

If you answered yes to any of the above question then we have the solution for you. 

Our Sportsbook betting system consists of a front-end web site which can be branded to your specification and allows your users to place bets on early events (pre-event) and live events (in play. The major markets (odd types) are supported: 1×2, over/under, odd/even, Asian handicap, total goals, exact score, and others.

The back office gives you all the tools to manage the users and their bets. You can arrange for your business to run within your means and to manage your risk.

You have a wide range of settings for different sport types and leagues so you can define minimal and maximal bets, move points, monitor live bets, accept them in both manual and automatic mode.
Reports are available for user historical and real time activity, financial transactions, etc.

The front-end web site’s graphics can be easily re-branded though modification of style sheets and provision of customized graphics. So your business will be fully reflecting your brand and the market you are aiming at.

The system can be easily integrated with external tools, such as Micro-gaming API for instant casino games, payment processing APIs (e.g. Paypal), and odds feed providers.

The system handles multiple languages and currencies and has a built-in content management module so that you can update promotions and articles on the web site in a simple and intuitive way.

The front-end web site is implemented in pure html and thus requires no plugins and can run on tablets, including Android devices and iPads, making it user friendly for all the latest devices that are on or coming to the market.

For more details Contact Us Now!

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