The Reason For A World Kakistocracy

Donald Trump - Birther In Chief

Donald Trump – Birther In Chief

If anyone can say anything about our views and opinion it is quite clear we are happy to have taken the money on Trump, but, we are hating the effect of Trump on the world.

Trump as the leader of the global kakistocracy is now getting out of hand. Incompetence should never be celebrated yet Trump, Theresa May, King Felipe VI of Spain, Robert Mugabe, Jacob Zuma amongst may are blazing the trail to Sillyville without a plan to help the World or even their country unless they personally gain from it.

We tend to concentrate on Trump because the USA is the premier country of our time, however, its people are clearly dumb as rocks to have given power to a ne’er do well who can drum up support, but then divide the country into ‘them’ and ‘use’.

Division has always been a way to rule but it has a short shelf life as those who are being put down will eventually rise up and fight back. This has always been the case and yes it can lead to blood and strife but hopefully the USA will drag back from this brink. Trump does not care if the USA goes down. He has never shown any course too care – from dodging the draft during the Vietnam war, to going into bankruptcy numerous times, and ripping off desperate people looking to better themselves at his pathetic university.

He is clearly a traitor because he bragged about colluding with the Russians in using Hillary Clinton’s email and social media propaganda to convince enough people to help him win the electoral college vote for presidency. 

Yes I have said it, he did collude with the Russians. He said it numerous times that the Russians should hack Clinton’s email account. He worked with a data mining outfit for his campaign and it is plain as the eyes can see that the Russians used sophisticated data information to position ads in areas that would help Trump and harm Clinton. You may say that there is only circumstantial evidence, but look at the mans actions and it is clear that he is not worried about it. If there is a deep state then it must act and remove this Nazi loving fool.

The USA’s ideals were always better than its deeds especially when it involved its own citizens and liberal/left wing states who disagreed with the USA foreign policy and their schizophrenic nature. Trumps election was conceved in New York, managed in Cambridge apparently, but enacted by Moscow. How is that doing the world a favour?

We made money from Theresa May as she turned from Iron Lady mark II to Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan from Friends, counting the days until the Tory party grandees put her out of her misery.

King Felipe VI has more or less guaranteed that Catalan will split from Spain after his televised speech which went on the attack on the Catalans leaders but did nothing in trying to bring the people together.

The there is Robert Mugabe whose wife is running the country and is acting like a spoilt brat. Lastly Jacob Zuma  a man who will be booted out once the ANC realise he is not fit to sit in the same chair as Nelson Mandela.

A kakistocratic state will always arise after years of mismanagement and democratic cowardice. Trump could not have happened without Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan lying and gerrymandering the democratic process. Trunp will have to go and yes it will be rough but he was only elected by an electoral college and he lost the popular vote.

At the moment the world is in bad shape with too many bad leaders. The next generation will have to take up the slack  and we all pray that they are not overly influenced by the baby boomers deliberate low information, poor empathy and petty egotistical behaviour when growing up. Having the look at what we call ‘leaders’ they will hopeful so repulsed that the new brilliant leaders will be like those in the enlightenment or the post World War 2 period in which a few years saw anti-colonialism, NHS, UN and other great stuff started and nearly finished.