Poker Sop

Information overload.

A Poker Sop Getting Too Much Information

Do you know what, there is a interesting side issue to playing poker and that is being a poker sop. A sop is usually something that soaks up liquid such as bread or in low life parlance a drunk because they are ready to drink any thing alcoholic.

When you’re playing poker all your senses is tuned into picking up information that will help you come out top in the game so you soak everything on offer. Obviously some of the information is nonsense, but it is the quality of analysing that makes the difference.

This mostly applies to live poker and it is there that humans are at their best, or worst. Online is a bit different with bots that verge on artificial intelligence are the main analyst on being poker sops. So in effect bots are sops online.

As in any data driven activity  a clear mind or process is the best. Any action that impedes that will distort the results. Doing alcohol or drugs will change the way the information is received and computed. Likewise a error of input will distort the result coming out of the bot.

So if you can affect the way you are perceived to be getting information then you are one step ahead of those who cannot.

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