A Revolution Is About To Start…

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…are you with me?

If you’re not a bot fan and just like playing poker for recreation, cash and fun rather than pillaging players with ever effective robots, then you must back me.

I am truly the only saviour for this great game that is becoming dull. That’s why live poker is popular as players see that online poker is getting too risky. 

We need a champion for the low hanging fruit player, who has a the drunken fumble with the laptop on a cold winter’s day. That champion is yours truly and I am happy to be that leader. 

Yes you will get the super intellect and the snob who think my acquisition of leadership is a joke but they are missing the point. The game we have been playing for around 15 – 17 years is dying and the sooner it dies the better. My leadership of the revolution will only bring forward the inevitable. 

So stop snarking and get on board. Our time has come.