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Continuing our look at past sensational Poker Tottys, we will continue to show some of the highlights of 2009. Some of the Poker Tottys went onto bigger and better things like Poker Totty Denika who created her own model agency and Poker Totty Jeanie who’s African schools program gained international recognition as it helped a lot of poor children to gain an education.

We are continuing to look for new Poker Tottys so do not hesitate to put yourself or someone you know forward. The publicity is great and it does not cost a thing. Here is today’s video highlights.

Poker Totty Amanda

Poker Totty Cyan

Poker Totty Denika

Poker Totty Jeanie

Poker Totty Josie

Poker Totty Kate

Poker Totty Laura

Poker Totty Lisa

Poker Totty Louisa

Poker Totty Louise