Introducing Poker Totty Kate!

New Poker Totty Kate is typical of the the new breed of models out and about. She looks hot but also has a brain and best of all she is comfortable in her own skin. Some people find this type of person a little scary, beauty and brains are not supposed to mix, however we at welcome a gorgeous woman with intelligence. Welcome on board the wonderful Kate!

Poker Totty Kate reckons she is a bad poker player

Do you play Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha?

Actually, I don’t play card games. I did back in the day, it was a Wednesday, but now I don’t because I suck so badly! :).

Do you remember what your biggest win at the poker table was?

We never played for money. It was always poker chips, food, or just fun. I honestly can’t remember how much I “won”, but it was fun, none-the-less.

What is your daytime job?

You mean that place I go to 5 days a week that slowly sucks the lifegiving soul out of my body? Yep, I’m a retail coordinator for a fortune 100 company; FedEx Office.

So if you had the chance you would get out of there?

Why, you know of somewhere that’s looking to hire? :). Yes. I would leave here in a heart beat. I have the travel bug and it’s in high gear with us being on the cusp of spring here in MN.

How would you describe yourself physically?

I’m definately “cute”, or better put, “the-girl-next-door”. I don’t have the sexiest tummy or the best of anything, but my body and it’s shape work well for me. I eat, A LOT! And I’d rather be that way, than starve or have no life exercising just be a thin girl. I’d say my baby face, naturally curly hair, and hearty build make me a midwest girl all the way!

Poker Totty Kate is really bad at poker

For those of us who don’t know the difference, can you describe the difference between a west coast, east coast and mid west?

West Coast: Thin, or slender build. Long, flowing locks of rolling and soft curled hair, blonde or lighter color, tanned skin. Bright eyes and a “Barbie” face (flawless and proportional).

East Coast: Rail thin. Spunky. Very tall, leggy. Pale white skin, or dark ebony. Brunette hair, short. A strong and structural face, almost masculine, but with a feminine touch. Daring eyes.

MidWest: Full figured, meat-on-the-bones type of girl. Baby face, or some facial features still childlike. The girl-next-door vibe. Quirky personality. Cute.

Poker Totty kate is not that bad at poker at least she knows her run from her flush

Which designer do you admire?

I don’t have a designer that I admire or that I think is the best. Instead, I look at fashion as a goal: how to make people look their best when they are not their best. If a designer can hide a little pudge, enhance some decolatage, lengthen the legs, and over all slim you down, they’ve done their job 🙂

When did you decide that modelling maybe a career for you?

I’ve wanted to be a model since I was 8 years old and my dad took me to an angency. It didn’t work out then, but destiny came knocking at my door when I was 19 and my mom signed me up for Barbizon classes. From there, I shined so bright in the class of 80, that the instructors asked for me to be the assistant for the future classes! I was definatley on board and did that for awhile. In the meantime, I finsihed up school and recieved my B.A. in psychology and hit modeling hard when I was 22 years old, and graduated.

Who are your favourite models?

Alessandra…the Victoria’s Secret model. I LOVE her look. She’s so slim, and trim, and utterly BEAUTIFUL. She really delivers to the camera and I always page through my newest magazine scoping her out!

What sort of music and artist do you like?

My favorite music is alternative/rock. But not the old skool rock, the newer bands, this generation rock. I love it!

Do you have any hobbies?

Of course! I have a whole huge bin full of scrap booking items…which I’ve never touched…but I PLAN on it when I get more time! Lol. In all honesty, I love to read and have so many books, the shelves of my book case are bending. My favorite authors are James Patterson and Stephen King. They are so different, yet both entertaining! I also dance, obtain information from different sources, sing in the shower, watch movies, take walks in to specific direction, and eat…
Poker Totty Kate is a pretty face to be seated at a poker tournament
What is your favourite entertainment?

Anything fun! I guess it varies. I’m a child at heard and I am quite easily entertained. My cat playing with a paperclip is entertaining, so I’m really not too picky.

Which cuisine do you prefer?

Yeah, I like to eat…so anything I can stick in my mouth I most likely will like! It ranges from sushi and grilled foods, to mexican and italian, to seafood and steak, to chinese and asian dishes…to whatever else! I will try anythying, and 9 and half times out of 10, I’ll like it!

If you had a choice would it be a Prada handbag or a Jimmy Choo shoes?

How about some Panda Express or Jimmy John’s subs? Lol. I really don’t care about designer anything. If it’s on sale for a reasonable price, I’ll probably buy it.

Which city would you like to be in and why?

Minneapolis, which is where I am now. Reason: David. He’s the love of my life and I stay for him. 🙂 Maybe one day we’ll move to sunny California or venture to Colorado. Or perhaps we’ll end up in Hawaii. Who knows…but for now, Minneapolis is my home.

Thank you for your time.

No worries.

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