What Bots?

Is this your poker opponent?Is this your poker opponent?

There is a complaint going through California courts at the moment and part of the complaints is about alleged use of bots by Full Tilt Poker.

If this does turn out to be true then there will be big ramifications, since it implies that the online game is not legitimate and in fact could be nothing more than a online casino game.

This follows on the big case a while ago which concerned the illegal use of software to look at players hand and nearly led to meltdown of at least one company and recriminations that will never go away.

In the end it was an employee of AbsolutePoker which abused the system and stole the money but this is not good when millions of people are sending money to all sorts of businesses around the world.

There was also the case of UltimateBet where the company tried to cover up the fact that people were being ripped off.

As anyone with passing interest will internet poker knows the forums are full of conspiracy theories and the sooner the poker firms get their house in order the better it will be for everyone. I

n the end this situation will need more regulation of poker firms, not because we players do not trust poker firms but continuous doubt will be the downfall for online poker.

Obviously I will return to this issue again.

Watch this video as it show how the scam was done. The cheater could see the hole cards of his opponents thereby making his move at the best time possible.