Time To Be Merry

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From being Mr Grumpy to Mr Cordial my transformation has been astounding and miraculous. Why this has happen I could not tell you. It could be getting a bonus from nowhere for playing poker, or, its the promise I received from what was a secret fan, or, its the fact that no matter what I do I cannot change the fact that the older I get the less presents I get but the more presents I have to buy.

I now understand the happiness of a condemned man waiting to face execution and is delirious at the prospect of ending the uncertainty. Just like getting rivered when you have KK and your opponent has K7 suited and the river gives your opponent a flush some how it makes you happy…

Happy days are here again so lets get drunk, watch trashy television, listening to morbid tunes and eat like we have been starving for 3 weeks. Happy Christmas!