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Things To Do When Bored With Poker #16

Well I am not entirely bored just bruised, dazed and confused. Lost massively in a Omaha cash game when my full house Kings full of Eights got turned over by a straight flush.

It wasn’t pretty and whatever I did the opponent was not having it and got extremely lucky. When you get bad beats like this I tend to sulk and then go on a bender getting drunk, chasing impossible skirts and looking for a uncompromising row to get rid of pent up anger and tension.

Dont evem mention Rudyard Kiplings’ ‘If’ as it’s not clever or warranted. Anyway check out this video as it will make you laugh and keep you interested especially the cause of the black thongs.

Gillian Cooke’s super tight all-in-one ripped as she bent over just seconds before jumping into the bobsleigh with her team-mate Nicola Minichiello. The fart noise are there for added humor as us poker players tend to have juvenile tendencies and stunted emotions.


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