Introducing Poker Totty Alison

Poker Totty Alison Barker

Poker Totty Alison Barker

New Poker Totty Alison Barker is quickly creating a storm on the promotions and event management front, however, she is making a bigger storm on the poker tables. With cash games being her speciality we know that it will be sooner rather than later, she will become a firm favourite with poker players around the world. Welcome Poker Totty Alison!

Do you play Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha?

I play Texas Hold Em regularly online and also host poker nights occasionally for friends where we play Texas Hold em.

Which online poker website do you play on?

I play Skypoker that’s my usual choice.

What was your biggest poker win?

My biggest win was coming third in a smaller bounty hunter tournament, cashed in just over £100, however my biggest win was around £400 on a cash table.

Poker Totty Alison playing in the sea.

Poker Totty Alison playing in the sea.

What is your daytime job?

My daytime job is an Exhibition Consultant, which consists of a variation roles, from show to show. My roles have varied from Stand Hostess, to Celebrity Kitchen Manager, to assistant to the Organisers, to assisting on the operations team, where I have managed up to 10 forklift drivers.

How would you describe yourself physically?

I would describe myself as petite and slim, however I do have curves, in all the right places.

Which designer do you admire?

My all time favourite designer has to be Victoria Beckham. Her style shouts sophisticated, but sexy.

When did you decide that modelling maybe a career for you?

Like most young girls, I grew up thinking, maybe I could be the new Kate Moss, however I never went ahead. as I have grown up and have come into my own. I feel confident, sexy and know how to achieve exactly what is wanted in front of the camera.

Who are your favourite models?

Right now, my favourite model is Daphne Groeneveld from the Dior advert. I love everything about her in this advert. She is cheeky and fun and it reminds me a lot of myself and the way I am!

Poker Totty Alison getting ready to go out.

Poker Totty Alison having a night out.

What sort of music and artist do you like?

Rihanna is my all time favourite artist out there, although i love music, any kind of music, She absolutely stunned me from the beginning. If i could be one woman for the day it really would be her, on stage, performing.She has a bring it on attitude, she is passionate, and she can captivate the whole world.

Do you have any hobbies?

My main hobby, which has only come about this year is cooking. I love to experiment with flavours, even when it goes wrong, its fun! I like to get all my friends round and have them try it out. So far so good! I also swim during the week as in this industry, it always helps to take care of yourself!

What is your favourite entertainment?

My favourite entertainment has to be live music, I don’t think there is a lot out there that beats a great band, in a great bar with great company.

Which cuisine do you prefer?

My favourite cuisines are Italian and Indian. Both full of flavours and body.

If you had a choice would it be a Prada handbag or a Jimmy Choo shoes?

Jimmy Choos any day. I am a woman who loves shoes. They make an outfit, make a statement and give you a great attitude!

Which city would you like to be in and why?

Las Vegas. I like a vibrant city, with colours and lights. where the vibrations can be felt all around. A city with a heart beat. I will go eventually.. and I wont sleep.

A great black and white picture of Poker Totty Alison.

A great black and white picture of Poker Totty Alison.