Poker v Politics

Donald Trump Punk Rocker

Donald Trump

You may agree or disagree with Donald Trump, but, the one thing you can say is that he has made politics interesting and relevant.

The phrase that his opponents ‘…take him literally, but not seriously, and, his supporters taking him seriously but not literally…’ is so prophetic and it will be written on his grave stone.

His last few days has made it difficult to play poker as you just cannot concentrate with the crazyness that is happening live on TV.

The application of ‘alternative facts’ is both brilliant and scary at the same time. The slight of hands over policy is both funny and caustic at the same time. Is his presidency in melt down or just disruptive. It is hard to see.

Executive order that does absolutely nothing such as the one on ‘Obamacare’ and then a executive order that will end up creating a religious test if you can take Trump at his word, virtually rip up the American constitution.

How can you grind away at poker with all this going on?

Some American poker players believe that Trump will make online poker legal. This would be great as the birth home of poker would finally embrace the greatest exhibition of capitalism in a online virtual world. However, would it be worth it if the next month he launches a pre-emptive strike on North Korea or Iran over some argument on Twitter?

Yes I am a complete skeptic on Trump and his team. They come across as arrogant loonies who do not have a decent moral bone in their body. The want to create a fascistic alliance with Russia and I firmly believe that Putin has enough dirt on Trump and his team that he effectively has Trump in his back pocket.

Those in the American establishment know this and within a short space of time there will be an expose of this. I am not basing my opinion on a belief, but on deed. There is no way a person would act in the way Trump is acting unless he had a price to pay. 

If I am wrong then I will admit and donate £50 to Trumps’ favourite charity, however, I feel I am on solid ground. No one can facilitate the Putin ‘love in’ unless you were coerced to do this. What would be in it for you?

So while this amazing saga plays out, we can only hope that the American establishment actually do have a romantic belief in the American story of being the first and enduring constitutional republic and stop this crazy nonsense before it gets too serious, and, allow me to play poker without the Trump distractions.

In the meantime I will be writing to the New York Times to inform them that I was the first to come up with Donald Trump being the first ‘Punk Rock President’.