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Crooked Poker Scam

Crooked Poker Scam

The Sun newspaper, a popular tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch, has made a spectacular claim that celebrities and rich businessmen are using online poker to hide money from creditors and the taxman.

The paper states that the person looking to hide money will go online and in a private room will play so stupidly that they lose loads of money to a confederate who then give the loser his/her money back later.

This seems a bit far fetched as online poker tend to be regulated in the UK and the firms would see the trend clearly. Also, employees who work for the online firms would sell the tales of celebs losing masses of money to the tabloid newspaper. Thirdly, wasn’t gambling losses and wins not subject to tax, because it is very easy to create either losses or gains?

I maybe wrong as I have not looked into the various conclusion at any serious level, but, this is the paper that claimed ‘Baa Baa Green Sheep’ was being taught in schools, they hacked the phone and deleted messages from a missing girls phone, and, they accused dozen of Liverpool football fans of stealing money from the victims of the Hillsborough disaster. So you do have to take their assertions with a pinch of salt.

However, it is clear as day that laundering money via online poker is extremely easy to do and any crook who is not stupid could do this via various methods. However, chip dumping is not the best way of laundering money because the trail is too easy to follow. By the way I have never been involved in money laundering in any form what so ever, but, i can see how it is possible to do it.

Anyway, in The Sun article no names are mentioned so until they do here is one of our sonnet about this strange criminal activity to keep you amused or not as the case maybe.

So Called Easy Poker Scam

You are one of the good celebrities
On debt you have a dark soul
Online poker would encourage infidelity
Your hospital bill is not a bankroll

All their time to disprove innocence
Session in court being indicted
The Sun could release the ‘evidence’
Has the police been contacted

Days ago and The Sun still silent
We are the abusers they never see
All I have faith in is self-reliance

Not face value is the lesson
Public orders and media lies
Time seeking material in possession