Not Doing Well At All


At the moment I am doing a Donald Trump, I am losing at everything!

Just like Donald Trump I should be winning and winning big, but, just like Mr Trump all I can do is lose and blame everyone for my losing. If I had the best starting hand constantly, I will end up with the worst hand after the flop. The bots know this and the live players know this.

If I arrange a date with a lovely lady, it will either end in a date from hell or worst of all the date wont turn up. If I back my favourite team to win at football, they will win easy but because of the losing streak I will not have had the right amount of money on it. Yes it was a winner but it was not enough to cover the loses that I have suffered from backing the ‘dead on certs’ previously.

Being a loser is rubbish. I cannot get to have a decent drink without being in the company of idiots who will spoil the evening with dumb ass conversations and sometimes a argument about politics or sports. 

I went to an art exhibition and that turned out to be a exhibition from hell. A collection of individuals so up their backside that it resembled a festival of drippy creeps. In the end I told the artist to never invite me to an exhibition if those individuals are there as I will not attend much less buy a piece.

The only thing that I can see ending my bad run is Theresa May calling an election in November. But the governing party have not lost their desire to commit kamikaze…just yet.

So in essence I am a loser and a loser in a big and nasty way. Poker is a devil. When you’re on a down swing there is noting you can do to stop it. The thing that is driving me into meltdown is when I lose this song jumps into my head. It is constant and annoying. I love Paloma Faith, but her song is being associated with me losing. Please get out of my head.

Sigma ft Paloma Faith – Changing

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