Joining Up Process

Mansion Poker Lobby

Mansion Poker Lobby

For some the process of joining the exclusive Poker Totty St Valentines’ $150 Freeroll is a bit complicated so here is a brief rundown.

1. Go to Mansion Poker website and download their software.

Click the banner here it will take you to Mansion. —>

2. When prompted, fill in the relevant details such as name and address etc.


4. If you do not enter the bonus code you cannot enter the tournament.

5. If you want to enter the $150 Free roll and you have not posted the bonus code, then get onto the online help service and they will help you resolve this matter. Best to do it as soon as possible as time is of the essence.

6. Once you has registered, wait a few minutes for the lobby to populate.

7. Once the the lobby has fully populated go to ‘Tournament’ and find the ‘Poker Totty $150 St Valentines Tournament’, and, register. You can see what it looks like from the main picture up above.

8. If you cannot see the tournament log off and log back on and wait for 5 minutes before you search for the relevant tournament. If it still not showing the again go to online help for further assistance.

9. Once you have registered you can then either deposit some money and play poker or go to the play chips area and practice the game if you are new to online poker.

10. Remember the tournament starts at 8pm GMT (20:00) on the 14th of February 2010, so make sure you register in good time.

Good Luck!